About + contact

Hi. My name is Narelle Hanratty and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I started this blog in 2008 after reading the songwriter, Clare Bowditch, talking about the “solid gold power of creativity in everyday life”. I wanted that in my life at the time. Nowadays, my favourite topic is transformation, which may be to say the same thing anyway.

Professional life


In my professional life, I’m the Founder and CEO of Anicca Media Group.

Anicca (pronounced a-ni-tcha) is dedicated to all things communication. It incorporates Anicca Media, Anicca Communication, Anicca Publications and also, Business Writing Coach.

Anicca continues to offer programs and services in business writing under the Business Writing Coach name.

Contact me

You can contact me by email or twitter:

  • solidgoldcreativity@gmail.com
  • @solidgold99

About being ad-free

Any ads you see on this blog are placed by WordPress. At present, I do not feature other ads or sponsored links on this blog.


17 thoughts on “About + contact

    • Hi there. Sorry for the delay in replying. Your comment accidentally went into the spam pile. The theme is a free WordPress theme which is called Skeptical with a couple of tweaks which I did myself using the CSS upgrade available from WordPress. Best wishes.


  1. I like what you do and will take a peek every so often. Would rather more frequent, but I am a full time writer of poetry, which for me is now a daily, and nightly occupation. Just published book # 5 and have 3 more new ones as well 3 prior books to re-publish etc. Oh! and almost forgot, need to remember to breath. Look you up soon anyway… JJ


    • Welcome, Jean-Jacques. Very fond of your blog title. Takes a poet, I suspect. Magnificent achievement to have produced 5 books.

      Cheered by your wanting more. I sometimes have the experience of needing to ration posts so people don’t get overwhelmed. Most times when I post something I immediately want to post another thing. I will reconsider my stance in light of your comment. People can manage their own reading, and read or not read according to their fancy. SGCx


  2. Hi Narelle, I ran into Russell at the 50th birthday of our high school on the weekend. He mentioned that you were in Melbourne and suggested I google you…which led me to your amazing blogs! I am enjoying reading your posts and have already taken away your advice for contradicting someone: “I have a different view about that…” I know I will definitely use it in the complex discussions that are a regular occurrence in a busy primary school. I’m currently teaching kindergarten and have 20 lovely little students and one student who is an almighty challenge every day. Some days I do think I may be getting somewhere with him and am celebrating that today was one of those days! I hope you too have something to celebrate about today. Fiona Moore (Helmrich)


    • Fiona Helmrich????? Oh my goodness. Fiona, I’m so moved to hear from you. Wow. Do you remember our days at Manly Beach? Catching the ferry and you in your pink, crocheted bikini? You were beautiful and so full of grace in everything you did. I’m happy to hear you’re teaching and enjoying it, including the challenges. Your little student is lucky to have someone who cares about him. Thank you dearly for contacting me. This is what I’m celebrating today!!! I’ll be in touch via email xx


  3. Hi sgc, I’m looking for a new playground. It took me a while to realise but my old playground is probably not the right place for me anymore. It’s quite devastating actually but sometimes it takes a while to understand the people with which you fraternise. Anyway, look n’ feel very different, format a stranger but I’ll give it a shot.


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